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Prevent and protect

Prevent and Protect

How to guard against online financial fraud.

YOUR EMAIL ALERT PINGS AND YOU READ THIS: “As part of our efforts to protect your account, it has come to our attention that your online banking profile needs updating. Simply click on the link below…” The message looks legit. It bears your bank’s logo and other identifying information. But the last thing you should do is click on the link or key in any personal information. Click here to continue reading…

Moving forward without moving out

Moving Forward

Accessing your home equity can help boost your retirement income, ease pressure on your pensions and investments, and help you stay put.  Click here to continue reading…

Dealing with debt before (or during) retirement

Dealing with Debt

Strategies to help reduce debt and keep your financial goals on track.

BABY BOOMERS – one of the wealthiest generations in history1 – are heading into retirement. They’re ready to kick back and finally enjoy the fruits of their labours. Yet despite the lure of an early and active retirement, for many, the picture isn’t as rosy as expected. In fact, a record number of retired or soon-to-be-retired Canadians owe more than ever before.  Click here to continue reading…

The Clawback Conundrum


How to help reduce your reported income to maximize benefits in retirement.
WHEN CANADIANS AGE 65 OR OLDER think about their overall retirement plan, most focus on ensuring their savings, investments and other forms of income are appropriately managed. But most people’s retirement income also includes a range of valuable benefits available from the government, two of the most familiar ones being Old Age Security and the Age Credit. And a critical feature of these benefits is that they’re highly connected to your taxable income. They can be clawed back or forfeited altogether if your reported income (line 234 of the federal tax return) is too high.
Therefore, in order to avoid reducing the government benefits you receive, you may want to think about ways to reduce your reported income. Here are a couple of straightforward approaches you can take.

Decision Making for Small Business


Focus on the choices that matter the most.

EVERY DAY, WE MAKE COUNTLESS DECISIONS. Some are fairly trivial, such as what colour shirt to wear or what to have for lunch. Others have much bigger consequences. If you’re a business owner, these may include how to manage your cash flow, how to protect your company with insurance, and how to choose the right benefits plan to attract and retain the best employees.