Mary Keetch Financial Services

Testimonial from JY

For any clients who don’t think they can change their financial patterns – I am living proof that it can be done.  You are a valuable teacher, Mary.  Thank you for being there.  JY

Testimonial from JP

I find Mary very easy to talk to.  I feel like I am talking to a friend, rather than someone who is interested only in money.  Mary shows a sincere concern for my well being.  She never rushes me through the meeting, but takes lots of time to explain things, which is very important and also very appreciated when you are dealing with someone who has a limited understanding of their finances.  I am sure I have asked the same questions over and over, but Mary answers without hesitation.  Mary is very adaptable when it comes to arranging meeting times and always attempts to fit my schedule, not just her own.  She is knowledgeable and has current information to offer me.  She is on top of the most recent changes in the markets and advises me when to make changes.  I never feel that Mary is taking advantage of my financial naievety.  Mary is very kind.  I appreciate Mary’s sincerity and honesty.  I trust her completely with my finances, this then also means with my families financial future.

Testimonial from JS

Mary is a confident, positive person which I respect.  Mary keeps up to date with her education and knowledge so that she is qualified to give me good advice.  Mary loves her job and truly cares for people.  This shines through in everything she does.  Mary has a positive attitude and the courage to go forward with her convictions.  This is why I am really happy she is taking care of me.

Testimonial from BH

Mary is an amazing financial advisor.  She has a high work ethic that I admire.  She puts her client’s needs first and cares a great deal about each and every one.  She is compassionate, understanding and reliable.  She is open to other people’s thoughts and opinions.  Client service is first for Mary.  She is very trustworthy.  Mary is great at understanding what people’s needs are and always works with their goals without thinking about what she is going to get out of it.

Testimonial from BV

Mary connects with people in a warm, sincere, caring way.  She is hard working and honest about issues and it is obvious that she enjoys her work due to her enthusiasm and dedication to it.  Mary is always well prepared, organized and reliable.  I admire her ability to be a loving, involved mother while also furthering her education.  Mary is a patient person when explaining to her clients in a way that is most easily understood and is very empathetic to the clients situation.  I trust in her knowledge for managing my finances.