Mary Keetch Financial Services

Testimonial from EM

Thank you for explaining the different types of life insurance and why you recommended a permanent plan so that our family will always have a solid base of coverage that will never change and have options for the future‎ should our situation change. We appreciate that you take a long term view and look down the road planning for events that we may not have considered. We are just starting our journey, we look forward to making many more great decisions in the future with your valued guidance.

Testimonial from AA

I approached Mary Keetch for assistance in moving my half of a pension from one locked in investment to another. After a year of unsuccessful attempts to get information and navigate the confusing terminology from the pension provider myself, I decided I needed help. I chose Mary Keetch Financial Services and found her to be both knowledgeable about my rights and options and also willing to be persistent in frustrating and delayed correspondence with the pension company. She was very understanding of my concerns and made it her mission to make sure I felt comfortable with how and where my investments were handled. I found the experience reassuring and I found Mary a competent and knowledgeable advisor. I would definitely recommend Mary Keetch Financial Services to others in the future! – AA

Testimonial from SS

Mary, thanks for meeting with me to review my investments and insurance policies. You know how busy I am as a radio personality. I know little about finance other than what I’ve read in books but it still can be overwhelming. Being able to depend on your expertise to recommend and explain in plain language the proper portfolio and products that meet my individual needs stops the worry. Thanks to you, now I know I can be ready for retirement and protect my earning ability along the way. Thanks for re-explaining the why’s and all the options I have with the plan you put in place. I also like that we’ll change my financial tactics and approach, as I get older. You’ve got my back! I appreciate your straight forward approach and look forward to working with you for many years ahead. –SS

Testimonial from BB

You sure do know your stuff Mary! Thank you for taking the time to explain your philosophies to me. I love that I can keep learning from you and you truly provide service that is above and beyond.  –BB

Testimonial from JY

For any clients who don’t think they can change their financial patterns – I am living proof that it can be done.  You are a valuable teacher, Mary.  Thank you for being there.  JY