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Retire Happy, Stay Healthy

RETIREMENT IS A MILESTONE that many Canadians build towards for  a large portion of their adulthood, making it a highly anticipated transition when the time finally comes. When preparing for that long-awaited goal of life after work, a priority for many is to ensure they have sufficient financial resources to replace income and maintain a […]

How to avoid outliving your retirement savings

OUTLIVING RETIREMENT SAVINGS is an uncomfortable scenario that nobody wants to contemplate. But after spending much of their working lives saving for retirement, many Canadians may end up needing a larger nest egg than anticipated. Thanks to modern medicine, life expectancy is getting longer. Today, a 55-year-old can expect to live to the age of […]

Year end strategy for a charitable tax receipt. Appointments available December 15 – 30th

To many investors, success means having the ability to make a difference and leave a lasting legacy. The Mackenzie Charitable Giving Program enables investors to make regular giving a part of their overall financial plan. A simple and convenient solution, the Program combines immediate tax benefits with the ability to support your favourite charities now […]

All in the family

How to take advantage of income-splitting using intra-family loans. AFTER JUST TWO YEARS, the “family tax cut” was eliminated in the 2016 federal budget. However, families still have other opportunities to split their income to save taxes. One strategy is to make an “intra-family loan” to your spouse (married or common-law) or to your minor […]

Something borrowed…something green?

How to approach family about financial help for your wedding. MONEY MAY NOT BE ABLE TO buy you love, but it sure can help you pay for a wedding. Back in the day, it was traditional for the bride’s family to foot most of the bill – not so anymore. As more couples plan and […]