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Something borrowed…something green?

How to approach family about financial help for your wedding. MONEY MAY NOT BE ABLE TO buy you love, but it sure can help you pay for a wedding. Back in the day, it was traditional for the bride’s family to foot most of the bill – not so anymore. As more couples plan and […]

Wedding bills and bells

Planning a wedding can  be exhilarating…and expensive. Here are some suggestions to help ensure the big day doesn’t undermine your long-term financial plans.  Click here to continue reading…

Unpredictable markets got you idle?

While market volatility chases many investors to the sidelines, it can be  a great opportunity to bolster your long-term portfolio strategy. SHORT-TERM MARKET UPS AND DOWNS can be very unnerving, even if your goals are far in the future. So it’s not surprising two recent surveys have found that many investors aren’t enthusiastic about investing […]

First steps to a first job

Helping young adults find employment, build skills and gain independence. REMEMBER YOUR FIRST JOB? Whether you loved it or hated it, it probably taught you a lot – from  money management to responsibility  to discovering what you wanted (or didn’t want) to do with your life.  Your children may now be ready for  a similar […]

Prevent and protect

How to guard against online financial fraud. YOUR EMAIL ALERT PINGS AND YOU READ THIS: “As part of our efforts to protect your account, it has come to our attention that your online banking profile needs updating. Simply click on the link below…” The message looks legit. It bears your bank’s logo and other identifying […]