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My mission is to help clients understand how investments and insurance can make a positive difference in their lives. I have 20 years industry experience and focus my practice around the client. Each individual is different and attention must be given to that persons goals and dreams.  In today’s investment climate it can be a very intimidating place to be on your own. I offer a helping hand, a listening ear and sound advice.  If you are visiting my site for the first time and are concerned about your holdings, please click the button below to contact me or call me at 519 667-0555 we can get together and review your current position. Once the review is complete we can see if there are any adjustments that need to be made. It is a very enlightening exercise for most and a great way to make sure you are on solid ground going forward.  Contact Me Today

The Clawback Conundrum


How to help reduce your reported income to maximize benefits in retirement.
WHEN CANADIANS AGE 65 OR OLDER think about their overall retirement plan, most focus on ensuring their savings, investments and other forms of income are appropriately managed. But most people’s retirement income also includes a range of valuable benefits available from the government, two of the most familiar ones being Old Age Security and the Age Credit. And a critical feature of these benefits is that they’re highly connected to your taxable income. They can be clawed back or forfeited altogether if your reported income (line 234 of the federal tax return) is too high.
Therefore, in order to avoid reducing the government benefits you receive, you may want to think about ways to reduce your reported income. Here are a couple of straightforward approaches you can take.

Decision Making for Small Business


Focus on the choices that matter the most.

EVERY DAY, WE MAKE COUNTLESS DECISIONS. Some are fairly trivial, such as what colour shirt to wear or what to have for lunch. Others have much bigger consequences. If you’re a business owner, these may include how to manage your cash flow, how to protect your company with insurance, and how to choose the right benefits plan to attract and retain the best employees.

The Big 3


These life-changing events can be significantly affect your finances.

Serious Illness.  Job Loss.  Divorce.

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Recovering from a Financial Setback


Events that negatively affect finances can happen to anyone.  Overcoming a challenging situation – whatever form it takes – requires determination, patience and good planning.


These can run the gamut from losing a job to going through a divorce, to recovering from a serious illness. Then there are the unexpected expenses life throws your way. They happen all the time. A leaky roof, a flooded basement, a car breakdown – any one of these may cost thousands of dollars to fix, with the money required right away.

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Seeking Shelter in Stormy Seas


Segregated fund contracts are designed to help offer a safe harbour for Canadians worried about volatile markets.

MANY CANADIANS ARE APPREHENSIVE about investing. And who can blame them? Between plunging oil and commodity prices, and the Canadian dollar’s free-fall, the economy has taken a big hit. So has investor confidence. Market volatility, together with economic uncertainty, is the new normal – at least for now.  But even in a tough investment environment, diversification, with at least some exposure to stock markets, may be one way to stay ahead of inflation. This is precisely why today’s turbulent conditions are leading some investors to take a second look at segregated fund solutions.

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